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Refreshing specialty cocktails, Beer, Wine, & More


Harwich Harvest Martini: $14

Deep eddy’s cranberry vodka, ginger liquer, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and agave nectar, chilled and shaken, garnished with a floatilla of fresh cranberries grown here in harwich.

The Mamba #24: $13.50

Fisher island hard lemonade, pineapple juice, tripple 888 vodka floater.

Ghost Margarita: $15.50

Ghost pepper tequila, Splash of pineapple, fresh lime juice, agave, and a Tajin Rim.

BOM Margarita: $14

Exotico Blanco Tequila, Fabrizia blood orange liqueur, splash of cointreau, house margarita mix, shaken with a salted rim.

Stormy Seal: $13

Tropical blends of malibu rum, ginger beer, and fresh squeezed lime, come together underneath a floater of goslings dark rum served on the rocks in a seal barrel. It’s the perfect storm!


Skrewball Slide: $14

Skreball peanut butter whiskey, float of kahlua & Baileys, shaken with a top of whipped cream.

Espresso Martini: $13.50

Chilled and shaken stoli vanilla vodka, baileys, and beanstock nitro.

Desert Lemon Drop: $13.50

Deepy Eddy lemon vodka, cointreau, simple syrup, squeeze of lemon, shaken, to a frosty chill with a sugar rim.

 Bourban Street Bloody Mary: $13.50

A New Orleans classic. Absolut Peppar, spices, Horseradish, Buillon, Tabasco, House mix, garnishes, shaken.

 Classic Cosmopolitan: $15

Chilled and shaken Absolut Citroen, Cranberry juice, fresh lime and cointreau.

Draft Beer

Zero Gravity Conehead IPA (5.7%)…..$9.50

Jacks Abby Blood Orange Lager (4.0%)…..$9.50

Kolsch Devil’s Purse……$9.50

Cloud Candy……$10

Fiddlehead IPA……$10

Allegash White……$10

Ask your server about our seasonal beer 




Josh Cabernet (North Coast, CA)……$11.50

Fabelist Pinot Noir (North Coast, CA)……$12


William Hill Chardonnay (Central Coast, CA)……$11

Josh Chardonnay (North Coast, CA)……$10

Josh Sauvignon Blanc (North Coast, CA)……$10.50

Santa Marina Pinot Grigio (Northern Italy)……$11.50 


Pink & Sparkling:

Kylie Rose……$11

Kylie Rose Prosecco……$12.50

La Merca Prosecco……$11

Bottles & Cans

Budlight, Budweiser, Coors Light: $6

Corona, Michelob Ultra Lite: $7

Mango, Black Cherry, Watermelon White Claw: $7


Fishers Island Lemonade: $10

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